20 Min Yoga Workout Blast | Best Yoga For Lower Body Strength & Flexibility

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A 20 minute yoga workout class that will strengthen and tone your entire lower body. Working through different glute and leg toning exercises this Boho Beautiful yoga workout blast will help you find more definition and flexibility in your entire lower body.

Class Instructor: Juliana Spicoluk
Video Production: Mark Spicoluk

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Boho Beautiful is Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk.

Boho Beautiful is a yoga fitness lifestyle channel created by Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk that is creating positive content for your body, mind, and the earth. Yoga, Wanderlust, Fitness, Vegan food, Conscious Living, and Meditation!

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Stress Management with Yoga

Stress Management with Yoga
The basic Yoga includes moral disciplines, body postures, meditation and breath control. Apart from a healthy body, yoga is handy in lifting state of mind and controlling mood swings and also helps the person to be more mindful. Stress manegement with yoga is a very effective way.

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