30 Min Morning Yoga Power Flow | Full Body Strength & Stretch Workout To Start The Day | Day 15

If you’re an experienced student, or you’ve already done a 30 day challenge with me you might be ready to proceed to the What’s Next Course on the Conscious Movement Community.

The “What’s Next Course” is the best way to continue your progress with me and advance and deepen your practice once you complete the 30 day challenge.

You can try the course for 2 weeks free with this link: https://yogawithtim.mykajabi.com

This class is part of a free 30 day challenge here on youtube. If you’d like to take the challenge with me follow the 3 steps below to join in and ill send you everything you need.
1. Sign Up for the Challenge Here: https://timsenesiyoga.com/30dayyogachallenges
2. Subscribe to the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/yogawithtim?sub_confirmation=1
3. Click the like button, turn on the notification bell, invite some friends or family members to join you by sharing this link: https://youtu.be/F0DdZr3IMaQ and let me know if you’re in on the challenge this year in the comments section.

This challenge is designed to help you find a yoga practice that works for you, and to build strength, flexibility, and mental calmness and clarity through a daily practice.

Yoga is a powerful tool for health, body, mind, and spirit. My aim is to lead you through a month long journey to help you find all of the benefits a regular yoga practice can bring.

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Spring Sale at Amazon
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.