Day 18 – Center | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Building on yesterday’s exploration, this practice is about noticing if you are willing and available to check in with your true self each day. This is one of my favorite practice themes and HUGE in my personal body of work, which asks, “What is my relationship to center?”

Please do not miss this session as I include some of my favorite lessons for growing your practice both in asana and yogic philosophy. If you want to advance, do this work. Step into your power. Learn how to move from center.

We ease in today, so if you are tired or feeling unmotivated, I got you. Practice slowing down at the beginning of this session, then join me as we mindfully layer to POWER postures.

We will connect to subtle body gestures to make deeper discoveries that may (they will) support you both on and off the mat.

If you are already wondering what you will do when the 30 Days is over, don’t worry! I have a red carpet of options ready for you. I will share them soon.

Please, let me know how this session goes for you down below!
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