Live Yoga Class With Allie VF | Reconnect With Your Body

Need to reconnect with your beautiful, capable body? Join me for a LIVE yoga class here on Wednesday, Feb 17, at 3 PM ET! This class is all about experiencing your body as a home, one that’s messy, in need of care, and possibly repair. Unroll your mats for a yoga flow to build strength, structure and stability and trust in your body!

Here’s what one of my students says about this class – “I believe in my body, my body is my home. This mantra is literally changing my life. After years of spiritual and mental abuse of myself, self harm at times, horrible and mean negative self talk, this is truly medicine. And I am definitely long overdue for it. Thank you so much yoga fam for sharing this experience together!”

I’ll see ya on the mat to believe in your body & reconnect!

Allie, xx

7 days to a more grounded, confident you. It’s time to ditch the negative mindsets and reclaim a calm body, mind, and soul.

Details coming soon!

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Yoga Techniques for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Yoga Techniques to help with Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
Sleep is necessary for the development of the brain; it enables the brain to carry out different tasks in day to day life. Lack of sleep has significant results on the mind to execute numerous features. Different studies have actually shown that due to lack of sleep, an individual is unable to achieve a task without any type of difficulty. There are numerous Yoga Techniques to help with Insomnia and Sleep Disorders.

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