Live Yoga Class With Allie VF | Strengthen Your Soul & Tap Into Your Wisdom

7-Day Holistic Yoga Challenge doors are OPEN! We want you with us –

The Body Mind Soul (BMS) Detox Challenge equips you and empowers you with on-and off-the-mat yoga practices to build your holistic toolkit, break free from self-defeating BS, and own your wholeness.

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Join me for a 60-min live yoga class to strengthen your spiritual connection and tap into your inner wisdom. Why? Because making space for spirituality can help us: feel more calm and centered, connect with our greater purpose, co-create with our inner mentor, and say yes to learning new things, gaining knowledge, and evolving!

At today’s live class and yoga family gathering, we’re going to begin this process with:

➡️ Gentle, seated postures to encounter your spiritual nature

➡️ Kaleshvara mudra for attaining spiritual freedom (moksha)

➡️ Chanting the sahasrara (crown) chakra mantra

➡️ Practicing meditation with the support of our yoga fam

➡️ Co-journaling with community about visions, values, spirituality, and evolving

Spirituality doesn’t need to look a certain way, happen in a certain building, or at an expensive retreat. You can practice it right where you are at our upcoming live yoga class (or anytime you arrive at your mat).

I’ll meet you at 3 PM ET for our live yoga class!

Allie, xx

PS – Don’t miss this opportunity! The Body Mind Soul (BMS) Detox Challenge is a 7-day live challenge designed to equip you with on-and off-the-mat yoga practices so you can build your empowering holistic toolkit.

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