Morning Vinyasa Yoga Class

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A morning vinyasa class to stretch and strengthen your body. 🙂

This class is meant for students who already have some foundational yoga skills, if you are an absolute beginner be extremely mindful of your body, making sure to stop practicing if things feel uncomfortable or not right.

Music and production by Logan Bowden

From another post:

Yoga for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

What Can Yoga Do To Fight Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
Sleep is required for the development of the brain; it enables the brain to perform various jobs in day to day life. Routine sleep derivations can impact state of mind swings, disrupted habits and hallucinations, individuals typically withstand changes and create an impact on their judgment making abilities. Through yoga and meditation, one feels relaxed and calm, it helps them to revitalize and provide sound sleeps. What can yoga do for insomnia and sleep disorders?

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