Morning Yoga With Sandyji | Experience What Yoga With A Teacher Of 30+yrs Feels Like

Start your day with a invigorating 15min hatha sequence with Sandy Anderson.
Overcoming inertia starts with activating the innate life force and vitality of the body. This short sequence, suitable for daily practice, engages both the body and the subtle energy of the breath to awaken a relaxed energetic body and mind. Unlock the flow of vitality to conquer resistance to practice and procrastination of all kinds, and awaken the inner force of intuition.
About Sandy Anderson:
Senior faculty at the Himalayan Institute, Sandy teaches yoga, meditation, and philosophy, and is a key instructor in the Institute’s teacher training programs. She is the coauthor of the award-winning book, Yoga Mastering the Basics, and a frequent contributor to the Himalayan Institute’s HI-online content. Her work draws on her immersion in the living oral tradition, traditional texts of hatha yoga and tantra, training in Sanskrit, and her background in environmental science.

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Holidays at Amazon
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