STRETCH Splits, Oversplits. Flexibility Gymnastics. Contortion Challenge. Flex Yoga 芭蕾舞蹈

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STRETCH your LEGS | Splits and Oversplits
training on the sports ground, new opportunities for stretching splits

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The Yogic Way for Gaining Natural Beauty

The Yogic Way for Gaining Natural Beauty
Yoga embodies the mix of both mind and body, concepts and their application, represents the relation of people with nature. It is a universal approach to fitness and overall wellness which is accepted and practiced generally for its health benefits. Through Facial Yoga, one can get natural beauty and tight facial muscles. With the fast pacing world making use of cosmetics is increasing, numerous facial surgeries and chemical products are used by the individuals to hide their facial problems which often come up with more damages and negative effects, however through yoga, one can prevent such products and treatments and can select natural process to heal and get natural glow and appearance.

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