Yoga For Beginners | 22 Minute Yoga Flow At Home

Hey Yogi’s. Welcome back today, we’re, going through a beginner yoga practice, nice and slow nice and easy. So this is perfect if you are new to yoga and you want to try it out. This is also great. If you are an athlete and just want to do yoga on the side, we’re gonna lengthen and strengthen the entire body in a pretty gentle way.

Today, when you’re ready, come into a child’s, pose we can keep either the knees apart or bring the knees together. The feet are touching: walk the arms forward, relax your forehead down to the ground.

We’re. Just here for a couple of breaths feel free to close your eyes: relax arrive mentally get ready for the practice today, whatever you had going on, whatever your plans are for the next 20 minutes, or so it’s just time to focus on you That’s, really all that matters keep the breath going.

Nice and slow walk the hands more forward, finding somewhat lengthened upper body, maybe move the shoulders up and down to lengthen out the sides of the body take a moment to set an intention for this practice today.

If that’s, something you would like to do, and the intention is important that why is important there, how is usually easy, but why are we do? Why are we doing certain things? Why do you practice today? It’s, not something you’re working on, take a deep breath in through the nose open north.

Let it go two more just like this inhale open off exhale last one inhale open off exhale come onto all fours coming to a tabletop. The shoulders are above the wrists. The hips are, above the knees untuck your toes now with your inhale arch, your back look forward, exhale round your back push the ground away for cat pose inhale arch.

Your back look forward for cow, pose exhale cat. Let’s. Do two more moving with the breath, especially in the vinyasa practice like this. It’s very typical and unique for this style to connect the breath to the movements last breath in exhale back to neutral beautiful now start to come onto your toes rock forward and back with your arms straight, we’re warming up The wrists just a little bit before you put any weight onto the hands and the wrists.

You want to make sure that the wrists are nice and warmed up. So you’re, looking for a strong sensation in the wrists as you come forward and a nice stretching sensation and the feet and the toes when you come back, let’s.

Come back to neutral, make some circles around the wrists, always keeping the wrists safe, really, every single one of my practices or classes, I teach at a studio or workshops or retreats which directions.

I always do a wrist warm-up. It’s just so important, especially because most of us spend most of our time on a keyboard, so it’s, not really the best for the wrist. So you got ta, take care of those beautiful, not fine, tabletop, again untuck.

Your toes shoulders over the wrists hips above the knees start to extend your left leg back and the right arm forward called the spine balancing keep breathing keep reaching back through the left heel.

The left toes are pointing down at the same time you reach forward through the spine. So usually what happens? Is you arch your back and you kind of come into a little back. Bend try to do the opposite.

Tuck your tailbone. Keep the core engaged keep the breath going, feel the weight in your left palm push the ground already more now, with the breath, I can be moving with the breath. Connect your right elbow to the left knee curl into a ball.

Exhale inhale, extend reach out curl into a ball. Exhale inhale extend let’s. Do one more exhale round connect inhale, extend beautiful job, bring the left knee back down. Keep the right arm lifted, reach your right arm up towards the ceiling for twist to the right side, keep pressing into the left hand, keep the breath going nice and slow nasty brethren.

You exhale! You threat that right arm, underneath the left armpit all the way to the left, if you can relax the right shoulder down to the ground and, if possible, relax the right side of your face to the ground as well.

Just three nice and slow breaths. Here it’s, really all about the breath melting surrendering into those poses, and if there are something challenging. Of course, you want to also use the breath to power through it and stay present stay calm within, even though you’re.

Doing something challenging with your next inhale reach your right arm up to the sky again, bring the hand back down tabletop start to extend the right leg back. The left arm forward other side, spine, balancing press into your right palm reach back through the right heel.

The left arm is reaching forward now. Tuck your tailbone a little bit to engage the core. Will you find that stability from the centre of the body keep breathing now on you exhale connect the left elbow to the right knee curl into a ball round.

Your back inhale, extend, exhale connect, inhale, extend one more inhale, extend out, hold clean it up, bring the right knee down reach your left arm up, inhale for twist to the left that’s deep breath in exhale thread that left arm underneath the right Armpit all the way, through perhaps all the way to the ground at your head with your left, shoulder and relax breathe into it.

When you inhale release reach your left arm up and exhale down back to tabletop beautiful job, come onto your toes, send the hips up and back for downward facing dog. Keep the knees, bent, walk the hands more forward.

What we’re looking for, is really this length and opening in the shoulders and into your back, and you might have seen downward dogs before, where the heels on the ground. The legs are straight, but that’s.

Really not what we’re looking for in this pose. If you need to bend your knees, that’s perfectly fine. What we’re looking for is to open the shoulders. So if you start to round your back but bring the heels on the ground like this, then that’s, not really a good functional, downward-facing dog.

Instead, you bend your knees, move the chest towards the thighs: push the ground away, keep the breath going! Nice and slow use your fingertips to grip into the mat, and if you want, you can start to straighten your legs a little bit but keep that length in your back and the openness in your shoulders.

So I’ve, been doing this for quite a while, so we’re gonna I’m gonna bring the heels down to the ground and still keep that length in the shoulders, but feel free to keep the Knees bent for now, if you need to push the ground away externally, rotate the arms more pull the lower belly in and breathe it’s really all about the breath see what’s coming up.

While you’re holding this pose, if it’s, easy breathe through it, if it’s challenging breathe through it start to lift your heels bend, your knees, walk the feet forward between hands, inhale, lift up halfway, either hands To the shins or fingertips on the ground lengthen out through the spine exhale fold forward in down, let’s.

Just hang out here for a couple of breaths, so relax into this perhaps grab opposite elbows. Let the head hang heavy! You hold so much tension in the neck and in the traps you just want to relax at the same time, give the hamstring some time to open up.

If you practice this in the morning, then you give them some time to wake up good morning, hamstrings good morning, lower back just relax. I release the hands down to the ground or hands to the shins.

Inhale lift up halfway, exhale forward fold, bend your knees, roll all. The way up to standing through the spine. Take a deep breath in the arms reach up exhale forward fold inhale, lift up halfway, exhale step the right foot back for pyramid pose.

Both legs are straight. Both heels on the ground, if you cannot bring especially the back heel down to the ground and it if it’s lifted oftentimes, it’s like this, then your stance is too wide and you want to step that foot forward so That both heels on the ground keep both legs nice and straight, maybe use blocks here or books underneath your hands on your inhale.

You lengthen out through the spine exhale fold forward in down inhale to lengthen exhale fold. It’s, two two more just like this. As you can see, we’re again. Moving with the breath, exhale fold inhale to lengthen exhale fold beautiful now, Reeve and the left knee place the hands down step.

The left, foot back for plank posts, push the ground away. If you want, you can set the knees down but keep pushing the ground away. Keep pressing into the inside part of your hands, so the thumb side part and also use those fingertips to grip into the mat tuck.

Your tailbone engage the core lift your hips up a little bit higher. Keep the breath going. Let’s. Take two more nice and slow breaths send the hips up and back downward facing dog again with the knees Bend if you want to on your inhale, lift your right leg up and back three-legged dog keep pressing into the palms.

The chest is moving towards the left. Thigh reach up and back through the right heel now on your inhale, come high into your left. Toes exhale right knee to the chest, shift your shoulders forward round your back push the ground away, start to flex the right foot now step that foot between the hands pyramid pose.

On the other side, shorten the stand step. The left foot forward make sure both heels on the ground. Then you inhale lengthen out through the spine exhale fold forward in down. Let’s. Take three more just like this.

With the breath, gently pull the right hip back a little more, be mindful off the right knee. So you keep a a micro bend in your right knee. So we’re, not hyper, extending exhale fold. Let’s. Do one more because it’s.

So nice inhale lengthen exhale fold. We bend the right knee step. The left foot forward to meet the right now inhale, lift up halfway, hands to the shins exhale forward fold and down pull the lower belly in bend.

Your knees, roll up through the spine to standing reach your arms up exhale forward fold in down inhale, lift up halfway accessed at the left foot back set the left knee down to the ground. You can either stay on your left toes or you untuck.

The toes depends how your left knee fields I like to stay on the toes and then reach arms up for low lunge, send the hips forward and down, but to make this nice and active and not dump all the weight into the right hip flexor.

You want to pull the right heel back and push the left knee forward, so you really engage the right hand ring quad. Also on the left side. Reach out through the arms, then pull the lower belly in. Imagine you’re, holding something up and over your head and it’s kind of heavy.

So you want to keep the fingertips, nice and engaged and active. Let’s. Take one more last deep breath in exhale release the hands down playing post step, the right foot back a beautiful job. Now on your inhale.

First, you decide if you want to keep the knees lifted or set them down to the ground, keep pushing the ground away! Inhale shift forward come high onto your toes bend your arms all the way down to the ground.

Untuck the toes bring your arms close to your shoulders. The arms are bent the hands close to the shoulders. The arms are bent now on. Your inhale keep the feet on the ground. You lift the chest up the hands, the arms, the upper body, lifts up and gage your glutes, your back exhale lower down, inhale, lift it squeeze the shoulder blades together, exhale lower, let’s, go for three! More inhale, lift exhale, lower, inhale, lift exhale lower last one lift up and lower down bring your forearms on the ground for a sphinx pose.

The elbows are underneath the shoulders and the forearms are parallel to another, so the hands are not together or interlacing. Keep them. Apart now, engage your glutes press into your forearm move. The chest forward: pull the shoulders back.

If this is uncomfortable for the lower back and you bring your feet wider apart, there’s, really no reason to keep the feet together. You can actually back bend more, so this is the back bend. You can actually back bend more if they feed a while apart.

If you feel almost nothing here, and you feel good in this pose, you can press into your palms straighten your arms for seal pose, but really only if this feels good for you externally rotate the arms, wherever you are, keep the glutes engaged, relax your shoulders down Away from the ears let’s, take two more nice and slow breaths nice deep breath in exhale release everything down beautiful job, shake out the hips left and right and then send the hips back towards the heels for child’s pose And you will then move into downward facing dog again, send the hips up and back beautiful job.

Keep the breath nice and slow on your inhale reach your left leg up and back three-legged dog present. Your palms move the chest towards the right time on your inhale. Come high into your right, toes exhale left knee to the chest shift forward round your back push the ground away, start to flex your left, foot, nice and slow step that foot between the hands low lunge set the right knee down.

You decide what you do with your right, toes either untuck or stay on. The toes inhale reach your arms up, reach out through the fingertips, pull the little belly in pull the left heel back, push the right knee forward and breathe last deep breath in exhale release the hands down.

Now we step the right foot forward to meet the left. Inhale to lift up halfway exhale forward fold and down bend your knees. Roll up through the spine to standing on your exhale chair, pose bend your knees, send the hips back, keep the arms lifted there’s, two options here: you can either keep the feet together and the knees together or you keep the feet and the Knees apart, just not a combination of the two send the hips back, keep the core engaged, pull the lower belly in.

Let’s. Take one more last deep breath in exhale: lift your heel squat all the way down to the ground, set the hips down and come onto your back, bring the heels close to your hips and then press into the heels.

Lift your hips up high really engage those glutes keep the breath going and if you want, you can come more on to the shoulder blades. At the same time, you interlace your hands behind the back for bridge, pose let’s stay here for about three more breaths nasty brother exhale, slowly, release the hips back down.

Take a moment here. Bring the knees together just keep the feet where they’re at relax on your back start to hug. Both knees into the chest. Give yourself a nice hug, be proud of yourself for showing up today for doing the work for investing in yourself.

Take a deep breath in through the nose open mouth extend the legs forward. Exhale shavasana, just lay on your back. Take all the space you want, bring the arms wide away from the body the legs wide apart.

Let the body relax melt into the ground. Give yourself permission to lay here to relax, know that this pose is just as important as everything else. We have done so far finish this practice, nice and easy by giving your body time to go through everything, it needs to go through, relax your breath.

So we stop controlling the breath. Let it come back to its natural rhythm instead start to observe the breath, feel the air coming in through the nose and out through the nose feel free to stay as long as you want in this final resting pose shavasana.

The video will just end they’re free to stay and relax before you continue with your day. I hope you check out all the other videos I have on this channel, then looking forward to seeing you soon on the mat.

Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Namaste, you

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