A simple kriya that can be practiced at home by everyone, Jala Neti cleanses your nasal walls and upper respiratory passages. It is an easy yet effective way to protect yourself from diseases and keep infections like COVID at bay. It is equally effective for those recovering from COVID, regular practice for a period of a week ensures your nasal passages are free and clear of congestion. Watch Bharath Sir explain the techniques of Jala Neti and Jala Kapalbhati in detail and practice these to keep yourself a little safer during the pandemic.
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Types of Yoga – What can Yoga do for your health

Different Types of Yoga
Yoga is among the most popular physical practices over the world and there are armies of adherents who depend on it. The benefits of yoga are additionally typically reported and you can prepare to enhance your quality, versatility, and balanced out with standard practice. Yoga also enables discharge to stress and pressure, tranquility your musings, and motivates you to relax up. There are many types of yoga that can target specific body parts.

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