Yoga Frog Pose

Yoga frog pose

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Yoga: a way to live a better life

Yoga is a practice which is in usage since ancient times and is considered to be an oldest method to improve the quality of life for people. Practicing yoga in day to day life with a stringent schedule can lead to wonderful results in improving lifestyles. It is a way to live a quality life.

Two basic perspectives of Yoga

Based on the point of view of yoga, the problem of quality life has two fundamental angles and both product and spiritual angles are co-related to one another. The spiritual side includes both mind and body point of views. It is necessary with a healthy body there should be a healthy mind and vice versa. The human sensations, ideas, beliefs, and thoughts in some way directly or indirectly impact the biological procedure of the body. Minds have abilities to create an impact on how healthy the bodies are!