Yoga Osteoarthritis Therapy / Relieve Backache, Shoulder, Neck / Pham Hang Yoga

Stretching exercises to stretch the neck, shoulders, neck and spine especially the lumbar region helps bones and joints become more flexible and reduce shoulder pain in the neck and waist.

Exercise restoring stratospheric strata in the cervical vertebrae and spine.


Yoga Trị Liệu Xương Khớp/ Giảm Đau Lưng, Vai, Gáy/Yoga Osteoarthritis Therapy/ Phạm Hằng Yoga

Bài tập kéo căng kéo giãn phần cổ, vai, gáy và cột sống nhất là vùng thắt lưng giúp xương, khớp trở lên linh hoạt và giảm đau vai gáy và thắt lưng.
Bài tập khôi phục lại các tầng địa đệm ở đốt sống cổ và cột sống.

Yoga Trị Liệu Vai Gáy/ back and neck therapy/ Phạm Hằng Yoga Trị Liệu

Yoga Trị Liệu Chữa Thoát Vị Đĩa Đệm, Đau Lưng/ Yoga disc herniation / Phạm Hằng Yoga Trị Liệu
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Yoga is a way to live a better life

Yoga: a way to live a better life
Yoga is a practice which is in usage since ancient times and is considered to be an oldest method to improve the quality of life for people. Practicing yoga in day to day life with a stringent schedule can lead to wonderful results in improving lifestyles. It is a way to live a quality life.

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Yoga to become Self-Aware

Use Yoga to become Self-Aware
You figure out how to do various workouts with total factor to consider, however in some cases there is no psychological loosening up. What’s more, there are various minutes when your mindfulness appears to have extended, however the mind isn’t sharp. What you have to do is become self-aware, and yoga can significantly help you in the process.

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