Morning Yoga For Women | Yoga To STRETCH And Wake Up Your BODY And MIND

Join me for Day 7 of the Evolve Yoga challenge… you’re already one week in, so congratulations! Today we have a beautiful morning flow designed to stretch and wake up your body and mind.

Our focus today is to wake up, feel more energy, and stretch into our body, mind, and spirit! To begin, we’ll come to stand and do what I call the puppet – we’ll reach one arm up and let the rest of the body slouch. Bend the knee of the arm that you’re reaching up to really feel good. This stretch is especially nice if you sleep on your side! Then we’ll tap on the chest to break up the lymph that has built up overnight, another fantastic hack to wake up. We’ll continue this self-massage all over the body. Next up are some Kundalini shoulder twists to raise energy (make sure you keep the lower body stable and engage the core.) We’re going to take this energy we’ve created and move through several mini-flows and intense stretches for the rest of this class. We’ll end the practice today with some gentle shoulder rolls and an intentional body scan, just noticing how your body can feel simultaneously more energized and more relaxed.

Quick 10 Minute Morning Meditation:
10 Min Morning Yoga for Women:

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Many of my sequences and meditation are inspired by my beloved teachers: Alan Finger, Anodea Judith, Gurmukh, Rod Stryker, Elena Brower, Kia Miller, and Guru Singh

Full Kundalini Kriyas are from KRI (Kundalini Research Institute), Kia Miller, or Guru Singh.

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